Who is Corode?

At KIN Pump Technology, we strongly believe in sustainability and strive to operate responsibly. Supported and valued by our parent company, Indutrade AB, we are encouraged to further integrate sustainability into our business strategy. We actively take measures to minimize our ecological footprint and create a positive social impact. From using renewable energy sources to implementing recycling programs, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Additionally, at KIN Pump Technology, we place significant importance on fair working conditions and aim for equal opportunities for all our employees. We invest in training and professional development to foster an inclusive work environment.

As part of our sustainability policy, we collaborate with suppliers and partners who share our values, encouraging them to make sustainable choices.

KIN Pump Technology also participates in community initiatives and is dedicated to promoting positive change in society. Through donations, we work towards building resilient communities and advancing social justice.

In everything we do, at KIN Pump Technology, we remain committed to sustainability, believing it is our responsibility to have a positive impact on the planet and society.


Implementing an effective waste separation system within KIN Pump Technology results in a significant reduction of our ecological footprint. By separating and recycling waste, we decrease the amount of residual waste and promote a circular economy. Additionally, waste separation contributes to cost savings by maximizing the reuse of materials, such as for transport and packaging.

Solar Panels

In 2023, KIN Pump Technology installed 180 solar panels on the roof of our company building. This move ensures a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply by harnessing solar energy as a renewable source. This initiative reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and significantly lowers our CO2 emissions. Additionally, we prioritize the use of LED lighting and automatic lighting switches to maximize energy efficiency. This contributes to long-term cost savings, as we generate our own electricity, which is utilized, among other purposes, for charging our electric vehicles.


Goods transportation is consolidated and dispatched on a single day whenever possible at KIN Pump Technology. Additionally, nearly 100% of our leased vehicles operate entirely on electric power. Furthermore, KIN Pump Technology provides charging facilities for our own electric vehicles and for visitors. This not only reduces our CO2 emissions but also promotes a sustainable and energy-efficient transportation system within our company.


In line with the ambitious goals of our parent company, Indutrade AB, KIN Pump Technology aims to minimize both direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, and offsetting residual emissions. This commitment to achieving carbon neutrality reflects our dedication to sustainable business practices and taking responsibility for reducing our environmental impact.

Indutrade Annual and Sustainability Report 2023