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Who is Corode?

For more than 45 years Corode enjoyes a worldwide reputation in the field of plastic filter units and plastic pumps for the chemical, galvanising and waste water purification industry.

Corode has specialist expertise and uses the latest technologies. We produce all our products ourselves and that means we can adapt quickly and deliver directly from stock. If you would like any specific modifications with regard to the Corode products, we would be more than happy to consult with you so that we can make a suitable offer.

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Why Corode?

Corode supplies quality pumps that are directly available from our own stock. Our pumps are expertly designed and produced within Europe. This allows us to make a suitable offer in consultation with you and to meet all your specific requirements. Quality, flexibility and fast delivery are our top priority.

Our clients about Corode

“Corode has extensive experience in the selection of pump and filters. We’ve been cooperating for several years and I have always been able to rely on them. Deliveries are made on time. Nice and kind employees eager to help. The products they offer are made of good materials for various applications. Long life time and good workmanship of products.”

Dariusz Jachewicz


“We have been dealing with Corode for many years and found they are very quick to respond and are happy to give their expert advice when needed. Their filter pumps are reliable too.”

Angie Manders

Plating Equipment Ltd

“Corode is our long-time partner for supplying the Chinese market. They offer good service & great quality pumps.”

Jessie Shen

Longterm International CO., LTD

“Corode is our international partner.
We have recognized them as a trusted partner we can always rely on.”

Hrvoje Simunovic

Miplast, Croatia

“Corode has been our reliable partner for many years. We are very satisfied with the quality of its products, efficient services and above all a team of positive co-workers who always try to help us and meet our needs.”

Miloš Kromp


“We are happy to cooperate with Corode for more than 13 years. During these years we have successfully executed projects for several plants in Russia. And we are looking forward to continuing our mutual cooperation.”

Maria Tolstova


“Great company. Great partners. We have been working together for more than 25 years, since the former management was in the lead of the company. Still kind and eager. Still responding immediately. Still the same quality in their products.”

Kostas Serraios

Galvanica Electrolating

Become a Corode dealer

We are always looking for the perfect partners around the world who would represent Corode. If you are interested in a unique collaboration with us, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than pleased to become in contact with you!

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Specific modifications

If you would like to have specific adaptations of our Corode products or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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