Magnetic drive pumps CPMD

The Corode CPMD Magnetic Drive Centrifugal pumps are a safe way of pumping chemical and corrosive liquids through a closed pump housing without shaft seal. The pump housing is constructed entirely from PP and PVDF. As a result the liquid being pumped does not come into contact with metal, meaning that the pump head is resistant to corrosion.

The magnetic drive pump can be delivered from stock with a maximum pumping capacity of 1m³/h up to and including 50m³/h.

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Technical properties of CPMD:

The pump gives you a choice between a PP or PVDF pump head. The shaft and the bearings are ceramic.
PP pump head; maximum liquid temperature in the case of PP is 0-65’C. EPDM pump head seal.
PVDF pump head; maximum liquid temperature in the case of PVDF is 0-90’C. Viton pump head seal.
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Specific modifications

If you would like to have specific adaptations of our Corode products or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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