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FIL07..M | Filter Units

Corode offers you a complete range of plastic filter units which can be used in chemical and corrosive process fluids.

The FIL07..M is constructed from a PP filter housing, finished with 316 stainless steel. Liquids only come into contact with the selected plastic.

This makes the filter unit suitable for the filtering and degreasing of liquids with chemical, corrosive and caustic properties, or other industrial liquids.

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  • - Filter housing in PP or PVDF: 10'', 20'', 30''
  • - Stainless steel 316 metal parts
  • - Fitted with the Corode MAG-07
  • - PP filter housing: maximum liquid temperature in the case of PP is 80ºC          EPDM or Viton seal
  • - PVDF filterhuis: maximum liquid temperature in case of PVDF is 100ºC           EPDM or Viton seal

Filter media

Interchangeable filter media by the FIL07..M. Choice from cartridges and filter paper.


  • - Thermal overload switch
  • - Air release / drain valve
  • - Pressure gauge
  • - Mano meter


  • - Dry running safeguard: to protect the pump.
  • - Plastic manual pump: to pump the liquid to the pump head.
  • - Wheels: to make it easy to move the filter unit.
  • - Precoat tank PP: 10”xØ225 (10 liter), 20”xØ225 (20 liter).

Technical Specs

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Q min:







0.25kW, 400V, 1.23/0.71Amp, 3Ph, 50Hz, IP55

0.25kW, 230V, 2.2Amp, 1Ph, 50Hz, IP55

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Specific modifications

If you would like to have specific adaptations of our Corode products or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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