Filter units

The Corode filterunits are constructed with a PP or PVDF filter housing, and finished with 316 stainless steel. Liquids only come into contact with the selected plastic, making the filter unit suitable for filtering and degreasing liquids with chemical, corrosive, and caustic properties, as well as other industrial liquids.

In-house manufacturing

The filter units can be equipped with any Corode pump and filter media required. Additionally, the filter units can be extended with a precoat tank. The selection of the tank depends on the size of the filter housing.

Our filter pumps are produced entirely in-house, allowing us to tailor a standard filterpump to your specifications if required. We will work closely with you to provide a customized offer based on the volume of liquid that requires filtration.

The filter units in our range span from a single 10" candle filter unit with a pump capacity of 1 m³/h to a Corode Jumbo filter unit equipped with 36 filter candles size 20" with a pump capacity of 60 m³/h. Other variation available on request.

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Specific modifications

If you would like to have specific adaptations of our Corode products or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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