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The Corode CPMD pumps offer a safe way of pumping chemical and corrosive liquids through a closed pump housing without shaft seal. The pump housing is constructed entirely from PP of PVDF. As a result the medium being pumped does not come into contact with metal, meaning that the pump head is resistant to corrosion.

The CPMD-04 is standard fitted with a 3Ph 230-400V motor. In addition to the standard 3Ph motor the CPMD-04 is also available with a 1Ph 230V motor including on-off switch on the motor.

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The CPMD-04 gives you the choice between a PP or PVDF pump head. The shaft and the bearings are ceramic.

  • - PP pump head: maxium liquid temperature is 0-80ºC.
  • - PVDF pump head: maxium liquid temperature is 0-90ºC.

Technical Specs

Material available:
Max. flow:
Max. head:
Max. temperature:
Max. viscosity:
Motor 1:

EPDM of Viton
PP 80ºC; PVDF 90ºC
200 cSt
0.12kW, 230/400V, 0.82/0.47Amp, 3Ph, 50Hz, IP55

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Specific modifications

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